Malaysian terrorist "was a Manchester United fan"

A former student of a key Malaysian terror suspect who was killed in a dramatic police raid in Indonesia this week professed astonishment at the bomb-maker's true identity, calling him a "fun teacher" and "passionate soccer fan".

Lum Chih Feng, 27, who took a class on thesis writing and property valuation taught by Dr Azahari bin Husin at the University Teknologi Malaysia, told media his teacher once spoke about bomb-making during a lecture, "but never went into details".

Lum said Azahari was a jovial man who talked about going to watch English Premier League football games when he studied in Britain. "He often told us how he used to support the English teams and there was one occasion when he demonstrated how he used to remove his T-shirt when his team scored a goal ... if I remember correctly, he was a Manchester United fan," Lum said.

In September it was reported that al-Qa'ida terrorist leader, Osama bin Laden, toured Europe with his family in his teenage years and became an Arsenal FC fan