Political storm likely over UNPO's Viva 'World Cup'

The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) has announced plans to conduct the first Viva World Cup in the breakaway Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in November 2006. The tournament, organised by UNPO's "New Federation" football body, provides for round-robins of four groups of four teams leading to semi-finals, ranking games and, then the Grand Final to be played in the Attaturk Stadium (30,000 seats).

UNPO is a controversial organisation which purports to represent some fifty minority and ethnic groups, including "indigenous peoples, occupied nations, minorities and independent states or territories who have joined together to protect their human and cultural rights, preserve their environments and to find non-violent solutions to conflicts which affect them."

The NF claims 19 provisional members include two provinces of Indonesia, Papua ("West Papua") and Maluku ("South Moluccas"); Tibet (absorbed by the Peoples Republic of China in 1950); Somaliland (the former British protectorate within Somalia); Zanzibar (part of Tanzania but retains membership of Confédération Africaine de Football); Gibraltar (blocked from UEFA membership by Spain), Occitania in southern France; Jersey in the Channel Islands; Monaco, Kosovo, Greenland and the Falkland Islands.

Teams at the Viva World Cup reportedly will also include representatives of the Roma (Europe's gypsies); the Sami (also knowna as Lapps, an indigenous people across Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Russia) and the Kurds (whose homeland is split between Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria).

The independence of Northern Cyprus is currently only recognised by Turkey which stations thousands of troops in its territory on the Mediteranean island shared with the EU-member, the Republic of Cyprus. Turkey is a strong opponent of Kurdish separatism.


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