World Cup television revenue to increase by "25%"

The 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany will attract an increase of about 25 percent in television revenue to US$ 1.7 billion, Deloitte & Touche LLP said. The four-yearly event will generate US$ 1.1 billion, or 65 percent of its total, from European broadcasters, the accountancy firm told Bloomsberg. South America and Asia will each pay more than US$ 200 million while the Middle East, North America, Africa and Oceania will bring in US$ 50 million or less.

FIFA said it expects revenue of 793 million Swiss francs (US$ 602 million) in 2006, a 12 percent increase from 2004, when it last reported results. The ruling body has lifted the prize money it will give the 32 teams at the World Cup by 38 percent to 332 million francs. That will go to national federations, which are responsible for their national teams.