British sports minister backs inquiry into football

British sports minister Richard Caborn insists foreign investment in English football will be monitored to ensure it does not distort the game. Caborn has instigated an inquiry into football which is being overseen by UEFA and also involves FIFA, Sportinglife reported.

He said this will cover rich investors ploughing huge amounts of cash into clubs in foreign countries. He added that the source of this money should be transparent and properly regulated.

"I don´t want to comment on individual clubs but there are concerns about the money coming into the English game from outside the country," he said.

The inquiry is also expected to look at ideas such as universal regulation of players' agents and introducing a 'fit and proper persons' test for club directors as already operates in the English Premier League and Football League.

Acting in his role as chairman of European Sports Ministers, Caborn is pursuing a change in the law to force a limit to wages in European football. He said that the money clubs save by bringing in a salary cap should be passed on to the supporters.

"There is no doubt that high ticket prices have driven some supporters away," he told the Sunday Express. "There should be special prices for families and subsidised away travel, particularly when we can see how far some fans will travel - even if there is a danger of games being postponed."

Caborn said he had been in contact with G14 - the group of Europe's most powerful clubs. "G14 have written to me and suggested that a salary cap should be 70 percent of clubs' income. Well, if they each save 30 percent then they should give some back to their fans," he said.