First attempt to unseat Philippine FA president

The leadership of Philippine Football Federation president Johnny Romualdez came under fire at the PFF Congress yesterday but a motion to have him step down failed due to a technicality, the Sun Star (Cebu) reported. "I raised a motion declaring his position vacant but it didn’t push through,” Laguna Football Association president Jun Pacificador told the newspaper.

Despite the failure of his motion, Pacificador is content he was able to raise some of the issues the Laguna FA had against Romualdez. “First, the PFF is not following its own rules, they suspend somebody from football and then hire him as consultant. Second, there are lapses in the governance of Romualdez. There is this goal project which was suspended for two months but he didn’t know it was suspended. Third, is when he unilaterally decided to cancel the national futsal tournament which was supposed to be hosted by Laguna,” Pacificador said.

“We don’t mind the expense, it’s the humiliation. We negotiated with the Provincial Government for sponsorships,” he said.

According to Pacificador, these three factors put together resulted “to the Under-19 fiasco,” referring to the failure of the country to join the Asian Football Confederation Under-19 after the PFF sent its entry past the deadline. The PFF blamed a “clerical error” for it. “It clearly shows it’s more than a clerical error. It’s systematic, I hope magising na sila,” he said.

The AFC women’s committee deputy chair Cristy Ramos, who broke the U-19 fiasco, is expected to attend the BOG meeting to talk about the fiasco.

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