Argentinia's Boca set to expand its brand in Asia

Argentina's Boca Juniors FC wants to expand its "brand" in Asia! According to Debora Rey of Associated Press, the club has followed the model of Real Madrid and Manchester United over the past 10 years and now hopes to match the success its team has had on the field - five Argentine titles and eight international trophies since 1998 - with prowess in business.

The latest promotion is part of the club's ultimate goal to go global and increase upon its annual gains of about $10 million. Boca has played friendly matches in Asia, has close ties with a club team in South Korea and an active fan club in Japan.

"For the first time we have designed a marketing plan in the club, something unprecedented for Argentina soccer. We see the potential of business," said Orlando Salvestrini, a representative from Boca Crece, the business that is managing the club's image. This will be a multinational promotion of the Boca brand as the club already licenced some 250 domestic products and servuices including a major credit card company, a sports apparel manufacturer and a tire maker.

"We want Boca to be a world brand," said Boca president Mauricio Macri.