Malaysian volunteers "to nab" illegal football fans

Members of Malaysia's People's Volunteer Corps (RELA), an organisation of uniformed part-time volunteers which assists regular police and immigration officials in mass arrest and detention operations, will be very busy this coming World Cup season. This is not because they will be preoccupied watching live telecasts of matches. Instead, they will be out on the streets to nab illegal immigrants.

According to The Star, RELA believes illegal foreigners will sneak out from their hideouts to patronise eating outlets screening live matches.

"We have our own strategies to detain them and the best time for us to do so is during the World Cup when soccer fans will attempt to make their way out to watch the games,” RELA state director for Negri Sembilan, Shamsudin Yusoff, told the newspaper.

He said the latest trend was for foreigners to enter the country on tourist visas and go into hiding after their permit expired. "During interrogation, we found that many of these illegal immigrants discarded their passports once they gained entry into Malaysia, hoping to blend in with the locals," he said.