A World Cup trivia quiz from Changmai, Thailand

James Austin Farell, who advises that the most spoken English word in Thailand is 'Liverpool', is running a quiz as a pre-World Cup promo in his City Life column. The prize is a 1,000 baht voucher for food and beverage at the UN Irish Pub in Changmai. You may have to be in northern Thailand to win, but James is inviting entries from anywhere.

1. How many non-South American teams in the first World Cup?
2. Who picked the Romanian team in the first World Cup?
3. Feb and March 2004, what was the final score of the Bemuda and Monserrat tie?
4. Which African nation qualifier was the only nation that has qualified before?
5. Which teams were in England's first round group in 1966?
6. Who was the top scorer in the 1966 World Cup?
7. Which team won the fair play award in the last World Cup?
8. At what venue was the England-Argentina game played in Japan?
9. Who was sent off for Brazil in their quarter final game?
10. In which country was football supposedly first played?

Send your answers to james@chiangmaicitylife.com.