China police claim 20 online betting rings smashed

Police in Shenzhen, in China's Guangdong Province, claim to have smashed an illegal "online football betting" ring. They arrested 46 suspects, froze about 7 million yuan (US$875,000) in deposits, and seized 1.37 million yuan in cash, plus five luxury vehicles. Xinhua newsagency reported that the city's public security authorities had received tips late last month that a ring was organizing online football gambling. On 23 June authorities set up a task force of 156 officers. After eight days, investigators targeted 19 suspects. On 4 July officers launched a citywide pounce on the ring. The suspects, including the alleged ringleader surnamed Lin, a 40-year-old man from Taiwan, have confessed, Xinhua stated, and police have detained 11 people for criminal investigation.

According to Zhang Liuhao of Shanghai Daily, Chinese police cracked more than 20 online football gambling cases during the FIFA World Cup, detained more than 100 suspects and froze 30 million yuan.

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