A-League licence warning to NZ Knights owners

A Football Federation Australia official said New Zealand Knights FC chairman Anthony Lee should take more blame than sacked coach Paul Nevin for the club's desperate situation. FFA head of operations Matt Carroll said Lee and fellow shareholder Europe-based businessman Brian Katzen needed to appoint a new chairman to turn things around and find more cash to inject into the struggling club.

"They need a new chairman, one who can gain the confidence of the New Zealand market, the corporate and football community, and work with New Zealand Soccer and recruit a new coach – one who can recruit a team that can be competitive," Carroll told Radio Sport . "They haven't got much time at all, because if they don't start doing that then they will go broke and if they go broke, then the licence relinquishes immediately."

Carroll had been in regular contact with NZS chief executive Graham Seatter who remained committed to assisting the professional club. However, the Knights previously rejected an offer to have All Whites coach Ricki Herbert join their coaching staff.