UK sports betting broker joins Samvo in Asia

The British retail and wholesale brokerage and clearing house for the sportsbetting industry, Betbrokers plc has secured an important deal with Samvo Entertainment, one of the largest bookmakers in Asia. The terms of the agreement will enable Betbrokers to place bets with Samvo on behalf of its retail and wholesale clients, whilst providing Samvo with access to Betbrokers’ services to help to square their books and effectively manage risk.

The agreement eases the UK company's first moves into the Asian market, supported by an influential Asian partner with a large and loyal customer base. The Samvo group has 30 years' experience in the gaming and betting industry and was one of the first Asian-backed online betting companies to obtain multiple gaming and betting licenses from various European and Asian governments. Samvo also operates a UK dedicated sportsbook betting website which primarily specialises in football betting.

“This counterparty agreement with Samvo will extend Betbrokers' geographical reach, giving us access to the emerging Asian gaming market. This is a significant agreement for Betbrokers and is another excellent endorsement from an industry counterparty,” Wayne Lochner, Chairman and Chief Executive of Betbrokers, told Online Casinos.