England's new regulations on Football Agents

The Council of The Football Association of England has approved new domestic Football Agents Regulations which will impact on the copnduct of clubs, players and agents world wide.

They include preventing dual representation (agents acting for a club and a player in the same transfer); requiring clubs to deal with the player's agent (ensures clubs do not insert their own agent into a deal); requiring overseas agents operating in England to register with The FA to bring them under its jurisdiction; bringing exempt persons (lawyers, immediate family members) under The FA's jurisdiction; prohibiting sub-contracting agency activities to unlicensed agents; preventing agents from acting for a club in a transaction if they have acted for the player in any capacity in the preceding three years (prevents agents switching to get paid by a club); preventing an agent from acting for more than one club with respect to transactions involving the same player (prevents agents from "shadow representing" a player); prohibiting agents owning interests in players; and specifying that payments to agents may be made by club but only as deduction from salary and only in line with player/agent contract.

The Council decided that the new regulations will be come into force in time for the 2007 summer transfer window, subject to FIFA approval. This will allow The FA, with the assistance of the leagues, to implement a programme of communication and education involving clubs, players and agents to guide participants through the extensive changes which build upon the existing domestic regulations which were first introduced in January this year.