Australians take restrictions to Champions League

Football Federation Australia has opted to enforce salary-cap restrictions for Australia's two A-League clubs particiapting in the Asian Champions League. According to Michael Cockerill of The Age, both Sydney FC and Adelaide United "had anticipated the domestic spending limit (A$1.7 million for next season) would be relaxed for the regional competition ... Clubs will be able to register up to 30 players, although only 23 can be nominated for each match. How to fit so many players under such a modest cap will be a problem for Adelaide and Sydney, which will go head-to-head with clubs who spend up to 10 times more on their squads."

But FFA Head of Operations Matt Carroll said the restrictions should not be seen as a handicap: "I don't know if this is going to be the disadvantage everyone keeps telling us it is; the Socceroos showed that … let's wait and see. We don't want to disadvantage our clubs, but we can't distort our rules for the sake of two teams. The cap is A$1.7 million, and that's what it will be for Asia. It won't be waived."