AFC rules on coaching criteria, refs, suspensions

In its second last meeting before the XXII Asian Football Confederation Congress convenes on 8 May, the AFC Executive Committee ratified a series of important decisions made by its standing committees earlier in the week:

Technical Committee: From 2010 onwards, all participating teams at AFC competitions must fulfill the criteria that the participating team coaches must have a minimum AFC ‘B’ Certificate qualification. If the coaches are non-Asian, their qualification has to be the equivalent of the AFC ‘B’ certificate (minimum). These criteria will apply in all cases, except in professional national leagues and in the AFC Champions League where participating clubs must conform to the criteria of the professional leagues and clubs, and/or in cases where it is decided that a higher coaching qualification is needed

Referees Comnittee: Approval of the criteria and procedures of appointment of Elite Referees to matches for 2007 and the nomination of the top 16 referees and 16 assistant referees for the AFC Asian Cup 2007.

Finance and marketing Committee: The suspension of all Member Associations with outstanding annual subscriptions with immediate effect. With relation to outstanding levies and fines, all Member Associations who have received their third reminders will be suspended with immediate effect. Reinstatement is immediate upon payment. The effect of any suspensions includes the ineligibility to propose candidates for nominations for the 2007 AFC elections, and Committee members from the suspended Member Association (s) will not be allowed to participate in AFC committee meetings unless financial obligations have been paid.