Servecast to host global football media conference

Servecast, a provider of audio and video webcasting solutions for sports and media companies, is hosting a media conference at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium on 7 March. According to Soccer Investor, the conference will address critical issues facing sports clubs, organisations and broadcasters with respect to their new media strategies. Through its proprietary Media Studio platform, Servecast provides access to a fast growing global broadband audience for high value content such as News and Sport thereby generating additional revenue streams for content owners.

The conference is centred on the new media landscape for sport and TV, online video search engine strategies, the emerging role of mobile video and the opportunities of integrating online gambling. The event has attracted seven clubs from the last 16 of the UEFA Champions League. All four of England’s representatives – Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal – will be in attendance along with defending champions Barcelona, Internazionale and Scottish title-holders Glasgow Celtic. The FA Premier League and the Bundesliga are among the leading European football leagues being represented.