Everton coaching "deal" with Malaysian Indian FA

Mil Satis Nisi Optimum, a fan website of English Premier League club Everton, has reported that the football club has "struck up a coaching partnership" with the Malaysian Indian Football Association. "MIFA have stated that they plan to set up 10 football academies throughout Malaysia by the end of the 2007. The coaches they want to head the academies need to be the best and this is where Everton come into the equation. Once MIFA have identified a select number of potential candidates they will then pack them off to England where they will attend a six-week training course at Everton Football Club. During the training course the budding Malaysian hopefuls will learn just what it takes to become a top class coach. On their return to Malaysia the most advanced coaches will be selected to run the football academies and will be paid a monthly salary.

"It is believed that Brazilian giants Vasco Da Gama may also be close to agreeing a partnership with MIFA," the website claimed.